Route Torre de Doncos



Circular route that starts at As Nogais with a total distance of 12.7 Km. Along the route you can visit one of the most suggestive fortifications in Galicia: Doncos Tower.
The landscape is formed by chestnuts, walnuts,oaks,wild cherry trees, apple trees, sloes, hazelnuts, willows, pines and fig trees and ferns, nettles, honeysuckles, lillies, wild strawberries, water lilies, ranunculus, wild roses and bulrushes. You can spot in your tour: boars, foxes, wolves, squirrels, deers and several specimens of birds.
The first section of the route coincides with the route of Ferreria de Bois for 2.90 Km running parallel to the Bois river. At this point near the village of Doncos, turn towards it, you can visit the church, the House of His Excellence and the impressive Pazo de Doncos (Manor House).
Past Doncos and after passing through a small tunnel under the N-VI road, continue the path down to the water mill of A Veiga, beautiful example of popular architecture that is still in use. After crossing the bridge over the Navia river, follow the parallel path to the river about 1,900 meters to reach the Tower of Doncos, located in a strategic point among chestnut woods.
From here you begin to return towards As Nogais following the parallel path to river Navia, until you divert to the village of Chan de Vilar, located 2 Km from the Tower. From this point climb up to the Alto del Chao de Robledo, where you can enjoy beautiful scenery and begin again to go down to the village of Robledo 1.5 Km away, from where you continue down to reach a paved road and parallel to the Navia river, that you will follow until you reach As Nogais about 2 Km from Robledo.
The route ends in the same square where you started. Shortly before reaching the end you will find a sign to the church of Vilavicente, a beautiful example of religious architecture with interesting direct access to the tower by stairs on the front.


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12.75 km.

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